VoucherScan – Handle Vouchers Electronically and Save Precious Time!

Why continue to process paper vouchers and store them in huge file cabinets? Process your paper vouchers, scrip and coupons electronically and get rid of red tape with our voucher scan service: VoucherScan.

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Digitally Process Paper Transportation Vouchers

With VoucherScan, you can instantly scan and digitize any paper voucher with ease. Once scanned, vouchers are entered into your secure online database for easy referral and reference. VoucherScan makes it fast and convenient to electronically match voucher codes with your data during voucher processing.

VoucherScan Benefits

  • Electronically verify voucher with existing data records
  • Scan vouchers within seconds
  • Increase accuracy and reduce processing time
  • Manage information efficiently with VoucherScan while still being able to use paper vouchers.
  • VoucherScan can help you easily transition from a paper-based voucher processing system to a fully electronic system with minimal effort.

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For more VoucherScan information, call (866) 664-1277 or contact us to experience the freedom of electronic data tracking!

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