What Is TaxiCard?

Perfect for transportation programs, corporations, seniors, business travelers, students and people on the go, TaxiCard is a stored value card that works just like a gift card. TaxiCards are accepted by any taxi, sedan or limousine service that accepts credit cards.

Agencies, employers, parents, guardians, or you can can add funds to your card online, over the phone, or in the mail.

You can track transactions and manage your account via a secure Web interface. And help is only an e-mail or phone call away for your TaxiCard.

Click here to learn more about TaxiCards or call (866) 499-TAXI (8294) for additional information.

Benefits of A TaxiCard

Using TaxiCard benefits you in a variety of ways, including convenience, security, responsibility, and peace of mind.

  • A TaxiCard eliminates the need for carrying cash.
  • Unlike credit cards, a TaxiCard is more secure against identity theft.
  • TaxiCard use is restricted solely to a taxi and sedan.
  • It’s totally trackable. Just logon to our secure website to track it’s use.

TaxiCard gives everyone involved complete control over how funds are spent, appropriated and replenished. There’s no need to keep flimsy receipts or credit card statements – all of the information is available at a keystroke for your TaxiCard.

TaxiCard carries you wherever you want to go, whether you are going to the doctor, school, shopping or anywhere else.

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