Closed Loop TaxiCard

A Transportation Tracking Solution For Government Transportation Programs and Corporations

Our Closed Loop TaxiCard product is a one-stop solution for all your transportation fare, payment and reporting needs. TaxiCard functions as your personal ID that can swiped for transportation fare payment wherever you go.

As an agency, company or fleet manager, a Closed Loop TaxiCard brings simplicity and transparency to all your corporate, government and personal accounts.

With Closed Loop TaxiCard, all your cardholders have to do is just swipe! Our online software manages the transaction tracking, debits & credits, reporting and data management. It’s much more convenient than vouchers, cash, scrip or coupons.

With a Closed Loop TaxiCard, you can:

  • See real-time transportation fares, backed by a secure and robust application that is entirely web-based.
  • Pay your drivers electronically when you use our TaxiCard along with our DriverPay solution.
  • View, access and also manage funds – all in just a single click.
  • Put an end to complicated reconciliation and/or reimbursement processes.
  • Set pre-approved restrictions and usage limits on your card account.

Automated Transportation payment allows you to:

  • Use a reusable, tracking or prepaid card
  • Improve customer loyalty and sales
  • Automate trip-related activities, such as verification, auditing and reporting for corporate, personal or government programs.
  • Avoid coupon, scrip and voucher transactions.
  • Perform one-click efficient, high speed and electronic transactions
  • Improve security and convenience with cashless transactions.
  • Electronically track and maintain trip and fare transactions.


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