Why TaxiCard ?

Anyone can benefit from the convenience of a TaxiCard: Be it you, your employees, your program, children, aging parents, even your teenage kids. Here’s why:

For Family or Personal Use

If you let you children travel alone, TaxiCard eliminates the need for them to carry cash. A TaxiCard prevents fraud, which makes your child’s travel more secure. Since a taxi card can only be used for transportation purposes, theft and fraud can be prevented and avoided with a taxi card. Any non-transportation-related transactions will be immediately declined.

Give your aging parents the freedom to move around at ease. A TaxiCard will take them wherever they want to go and can be used for any transportation where credit cards are already accepted. Plus, you can track transactions, add funds, and view spending habits easily with our secure online interface.

For Government Programs & Corporate Use

TaxiCards are ideal for government-related Paratransit, Senior and Medicaid Programs and for corporate travel. As an employer or program manager, you can track and maintain all your constituents or employees’ trips online with our robust web-based application.

Eliminate the hassle of obtaining paper travel receipts every time you transact with cash, vouchers or coupons.

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