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Beef hotpot with shrimp sauce, is a dish with bold, warm dark smell of shrimp paste characteristic, is the hot pot dishes popular when international tourists come to Binh Duong in the rainy season by applying Vietnam visa on arrival service. What makes this particular dish is a pot of water that is not in the raw embed.

To make broth of the hot pot beef dipped with shrimp paste, indispensable is the pork bone meat, just kind of tasty, shrimp paste, lemongrass, chilli, greaves with onion and spices, season to taste. Bone is added to the pot of boiling water, when the water is bubbling to a boil, then put in a spoonful of shrimp sauce, sugar, msg and stir well. Back to lemongrass crushed, pepper, minced on to create the heady aroma dark broth. So ninh pot of water on the fire, small in duration, security must often pickets go foam layer opaque floating above the surface. Security in about 1 hour for the pork has been parboiled and onions to be done. Greaves, then only give in when near eat to keep greaves is intact not broken. 
Pot of water pale brown, fragrant, warm dark of shrimp paste gentle with the smell of lemongrass and makes the smell not so stinking that back add the charm. When eating dip the beef has marinated in ginger, garlic, into, back for more spinach, vegetables need to mature to nine to then take out for up the upper bowl was available for bun, back scoop, add a little broth chan. At this time you can enjoy beef, pink brown, soft, sweet, the stalks of vegetables, nine winch crunchy bring little broth into the oral cavity stimulating every taste buds so when you eat spoons of rice noodles with pieces of bacon, greaves, then sensuality is deep choke the sweet, the flavor of the broth soak into every fiber bun, stringy meat.
Sitting under canopies, listen to the rain little cup of fall, with your friends enjoy a beef hotpot with shrimp sauce, hot, sweating, breaking, nothing happier than that.

Source: Du Lich

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